12 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You (2023)

12 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You (1)

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At the beginning of a potential relationship, many women are highly concerned about how guys text when they like you.

Considering we are in the internet world where many conversations happen through texts, it’s vital to know ways guys hint they like you through texts. That will eliminate any doubt and help you understand the person’s intention.

So, how often should a guy text if he likes you? What do guys talk about when they like you? And how do you know a guy likes you through texts? Learn the answers in this article as we show you how to tell if he likes you over text.

Does texting affect the initial foundation of a relationship?

Does texting help or destroy the early foundation of a relationship? If a guy randomly texts you, does he like you? Really, what do guys say when they like you? The answers vary depending on the individuals involved and the relationship.

You can’t tell if how guys text their crush will help a relationship or not. First, it depends on your personality. Some people don’t subscribe to guys texting behavior as a sign of likeness. Others feel if a guy texts you back quickly, he likes you.

Nonetheless, the early stage of a relationship is essential to build a healthy and lasting affair. It’s more than studying words guys use when they like you or ways guys hint when they like you through text.

Also, how guys text when they like you may not give you accurate information about his intention. It is on you to do more research. Luckily for you, you will learn how guys text you when they like you in this article.

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How do you know through texts if a guy likes you?

What are the ways guys hint they like you through texts? Or is he just being nice texting me back? Is he interested in me through tests? What do guys say when they like you?

The above questions and many others usually disturb a woman’s mind when a guy asks them out. So, you aren’t the only confused person about guys texting behavior. Indeed, it’s hard to tell of anyone’s intention through texts, thanks to our modern lifestyle.

Nonetheless, you can look for the following signs in how a guy texts you when he likes you:

1. Consistency

How often should a guy text if he likes you? There are no specific times a guy should text you when he likes you, but he must be consistent.

A guy who genuinely likes you will text you at least once a day. Also, after a discussion about getting to know each other, he will randomly text to check up on you and text you good morning and good night.

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2. The words he uses

What do guys say when they like you? To answer this question, you need to study the words he uses. The words guys use when they like you vary, but there are common expressions, including “interested in you,” “wish to be your friend,” “love to know you,” “interested in your person,” “let’s go out sometime,” etc.

12 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You (2)

While these words are just examples, you should be looking out for expressions that show your potential partner wants to do more than texting.

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3. He uses your name in texts

Most people will get away without mentioning your name when texting. However, he likes you when a guy includes your name in a text. Also, when a guy says goodnight with your name, he’s interested in knowing you more.

Research shows that using a person’s name during conversation creates an environment of respect, recognition and consideration. A guy who likes you would want to convey that to you.

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12 tips to understand how guys text when they like you

In the dating world, it can get confusing to understand what a guy’s texts mean. If you spend a lot of time understanding the intention behind a guy’s texts to you, then this article is for you.

If you are trying to learn how guys text when they like you, analyze certain telling signs that showcase your interest in you. Here are a few such signs that can help you:

1. He texts first

To know how guys text when they like you, check who texts first. A guy who genuinely likes you won’t wait for your text before the conversation begins. He will be too consumed by his affection for you to worry if you will text or not.

2. He responds quickly to text

If a guy texts you back quickly, there is a high chance that he is interested in you and won’t like to keep you waiting.

His speed in responding tells you that he doesn’t want to give you a chance to doubt him. Therefore, he ensures he replies to you as soon as possible. Besides, it’s the early stage of the relationship, so he would want to give you a good impression.

3. He will find reasons to text you

It’s normal to hold back from texting too much when a guy is getting to know you. However, a man who has eyes for you will look for any reason to send that Whatsapp message. Shyness is out of the equation for him, and he won’t be afraid to show you.

He will always look for reasons to get the conversation rolling. For example, you may notice the texts randomly in the afternoon after you have discussed them in the morning. This spontaneous form of communication is a sign he wants to date you.

4. He asks lots of questions

During the foundation of a relationship, some guys are usually focused on themselves. They want you to know their background, career, likes, and dislikes. They enjoy talking about themselves so much that they don’t ask their partner any questions.

Nonetheless, a guy interested in you will ask many questions about you. That is the best way he can get to know you. He may occasionally compare your interests with his, but you will always be the focus of the conversation.

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5. He talks about himself a lot

Although it sounds selfish, another sign of guys’ texting behavior is focusing on themselves a little. He intends to make you like him; hence, he won’t stop telling you about his exciting and fun background, thriving career, and lovely family.

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Meanwhile, it’s essential to pay attention to the words guys use when they like you. It may be a red flag if he’s boasting about his looks.

6. He uses emojis

In a texting world, it’s hard not to come by anyone who doesn’t use emojis. However, guys are sometimes reserved about using them.

But you can learn how guys text when they like you if you receive tons of emojis. He can’t just help but show you he wants more through emojis. Research shows that emojis contain personal messages that can strengthen bonds between people.

If you are trying to understand how to tell if a boy likes you over text, notice their use of emojis of different kinds carefully. These emojis may include wink faces, kiss faces, or hug emojis.

7. He double-texts

You were probably busy when the first message entered your phone, so you didn’t notice it before moving to other topics in the conversation.

Typically, this will piss anybody off and might make them conclude you are snobbish. However, this isn’t the case with a guy that likes you.

12 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You (3)

If you are trying to learn how guys text when they like you, you can analyze how he reacts when you don’t reply to their texts immediately. A guy who likes you will send multiple messages to you to get your attention. He won’t keep count but focus on communicating with you.

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8. He lets you know when he’s busy

When a guy is an active type, you might ask yourself, “Why does he seem interested but doesn’t text?” But you can tell if a boy likes you through text when he tells you he’s busy.

At the beginning of a relationship, he won’t want you to think he isn’t serious. Therefore, he will inform you ahead of his plan, especially his just schedule.

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9. He passes random compliments

A man who likes you will make you feel beautiful. It’s another way of how guys text when they like you. He will give comments about your dressing, voice, and perception. Of course, this must-have come after observing you closely – a good sign you have him under your wrap.

Research shows that compliments are an important way of forming bonds between people. They increase relationship satisfaction. If the guy is giving you constant compliments, you can assume that he likes you.

To learn more about the power of a compliment, watch this video:

12 Tips For Understanding How Guys Text When They Like You (4)

10. He texts you when he’s with his friends

Boys’ night is a ritual many men are devoted to and don’t jeopardize with external distraction. However, if he likes you, he will text you anywhere, including with his friends.

He should be enjoying the moment with his friends, but he values you enough to create time for a discussion. That means he thinks about you even when he should be focused on other things.

11. He makes you laugh

How guys text when they like you shows a lot in his jokes. If he’s interested in you, you can bet he will always say one joke or two in every conversation. He doesn’t want to bore you and make you eager to talk to him anytime.

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12. He hints at spending time together or going on a date

After endless conversations about the two of you, you will notice him giving a hint about spending some time together or seeing you face-to-face. This is one of the ways guys hint they like you without stating so explicitly. Once you reach this stage, know that you have won him over.

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How much will a guy text if he likes you?

How often should a guy text if he likes you? Again, there are no definite times in how guys text their crush or someone they like. The frequency of guys’ texting behavior can’t give you a hint that he genuinely likes you; however, a man who wants to date you will put in the effort.

Aside from the usual conversation, your love interest will ensure the day starts with his text and ends with his texts. In other words, he will text you good morning and good night. Also, he will text you randomly to show you he is thinking about you.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, if he likes you, he will text you. How guys text you when they like you varies, but some are consistent. For example, a guy will ask many questions about you, text first, compliment you, send emojis, make you laugh, find reasons to talk to you, and give hints for a date. There are other ways guys hint they like you through text, but it is left to you to decide after seeing the signs.


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