[225+] Heartbreaking Captions & Broken Heart Quotes to Inspire (2023)

Breakup hurts! Yes, any relationship that ends on a bad note hurts. Whether it’s the ending of a relationship with your love or your friend or anyone whom you loved the most. It breaks you from within and shatters you into pieces. These heartbreaking heart broken quotes & Instagram captions for breakups will bring some sort of peace to you.

The feeling that we experience in this journey can not be described. We think of the moments when we were happy with that person doesn’t everything was just. But this sudden change is just not possible to digest, isn’t it?

But as we say “Change is the only constant”! So, we really need to accept the fact that this feeling will also change. But till then we need something to support our feelings and our heartbreak.

So, that is why these heartbreaking breakup captions for Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp status will help lessen your heartbreak. You can share these status or captions on your Instagram story too.

Going through this phase is not easy, but we can make it easy if we share our feelings with the ones who still love and respects us. So, if you are someone who is not able to express their feelings in words, then here are some heartbreaking or breakup status that you can post on Facebook.

Also, you can post this status on love failure to let your know your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, or even ex-friend that you are not heartbroken without them! You are stronger and happier without them! Also, check out these new beginning quotes to motivate yourselves because from now on you will start over a new life!

Now, without wasting any more seconds, let’s bring our minds to these heartbreaking Instagram captions or status for love failure in 2023.

Heartbreaking Captions for Instagram

We become mature when our heart breaks. This is the truest fact on Earth! Heartbreaks make us mature and let us know what is wrong or right for us. So, this is the perfect time to let your ex know what they have lost through these heartbreaking breakup captions for Instagram status…

  • There is always someone, who broke my heart.
  • Pain is always temporary if you know how to survive.
  • Lonely people are not lonely they have their own company.
  • Please forget me and all the things we did together because from now I’m not yours, you’re not mine.
  • We always fall in love with, those who always treat us like ordinary people.
  • Don’t feel alone, you have the entire galaxy inside you.
  • You deserve better than this. So don’t get hurt over little things. There is something better that is waiting for you.
  • I have no issues with those who wanna go. If you want to just go, go.
  • You lost nobody in your life & she lost a lot.
  • Stop being fooled to give different chances to disappoint you.
  • People change. life changes and priorities change. Nothing is permanent. So go with the flow.
  • People change when they meet new people. The sad thing about it is they are no longer who they used to be.
  • It takes just a second to change and you mean nothing to them then.
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and more heartbreaking captions for Instagram

  • There is no guarantee in life that your girlfriend will never cheat on you but there is a guarantee that one day she will miss and cry for you and on that day, she means no one to you.
  • Heartbreak is just a word but means a lot. Only one can understand who suffers.
  • I will never hate you, I will always pray for you I swear but now just go & never come back.
  • Tu jo bhi bolti thi maan leta tha mai, Tu jo bhi btaati thi sunleta tha mai. mjhse jaaada tujhe koi pyaar kar nahi sakta pagli maanle meri baat… roegi tu kal par chup kraaane ko hounga naah mai.
  • Never be the second option for others.
  • The saddest thing is who you love the most will never be yours.
  • It feels like perdition and then it doesn’t even exist.
  • I wish I knew that you are only going to break my heart.
  • Always love those who treat you like you are the world to them.
  • Sometimes let people go, if they love you they come back. If no then NO.
  • If I will start behaving like you, you would hate me.
  • Music is the best friend for lonely people.
  • He was everything to me but now he means nothing to me. Don’t even exist.
  • Pain teaches us how to survive.

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Broken Heart Best Sayings Quotes and Captions

Are you finding “Broken Heart Best Sayings Quotes and Captions” on Google? Then you will find the best heartbreaking Instagram captions in this list –

  • Nothing worse than watching your love his other love.
  • Tears are the most powerful thing in this world. You can use it in many ways…
  • The worst situation is when you have your love but you can’t have your love with you.
  • Love is not a bad thing, there are some people who make it bad.
  • I keep myself so busy the whole day but at night when I am going to sleep, every night I think about you only.
  • I need a long break from you.
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  • Sometimes, I think about us, what we have done from start to the end but the end is not good like movies…
  • I always thought I lost you, I broke your heart, I lost my love, but now I realize that you were never in my life, actually.
  • The worst thing is that you both love each other but can never be together just because of a caste stamp.
  • Never cry for someone who doesn’t really value you.
  • Never trust anyone.
  • Never get too attached to something that isn’t yours.

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Sad Feeling Broken Heart Quotes & Status

Feeling sad after the heart is broken? Then make your mind feel peace through these sad heartbreaking Instagram status and quotes…

  • I know it’s difficult but must at the same time.
  • The way you treated me, somebody will treat you as well.
  • Treat me well or party in hell.
  • The sad thing about us is our different points of view of ourselves.
  • I totally agree with you, right now!
  • The heart was made to be broken.
  • Why our hearts are so sensitive?
  • Okay means Broken.
  • Being alone is good because no one can hurt you.

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Emotional Heartbreaking Status For Instagram

  • Don’t know about the emotions but I know my feelings.
  • Heartbreaking quotes!
  • Don’t break up. Fix the things.
  • Doesn’t matter what is going on.
  • I am not putting my heartbreak feelings on my status.
  • Yesterday was great but tomorrow is more beautiful.
  • Life is too short to be emotional.
  • Control your emotions it keeps you happy.
  • I hate that feeling to lose you again.

Breakup Captions for Instagram

Have you done with your partner and got a break from your relationship? No worries my friend, We’re here with an amazing list of breakup captions to inspire you to get motivated even in your tough time.

So check the list out and share it with your girlfriend/ boyfriend…

[225+] Heartbreaking Captions & Broken Heart Quotes to Inspire (3)
  • When it’s not working out, it’s good to be over.
  • But we know what you wish for.
  • Be practical on some things.
  • Really need a break.
  • Break-up Party!
  • I am not allowed to talk to my ex.
  • I was just talking about my ex.
  • Have you been that badas&.
  • love is a beautiful bad lie.
  • No one to blame but myself.
  • Does anybody have any idea, how to get rid of it?
  • A broken heart is the best hangover out there.

And Some More Breakup Captions for Instagram…

  • Move on buddy!
  • Happier than ever before.
  • First I found my love, then I lost it.
  • It’s so difficult.
  • Finally Breakup!
  • It’s not important, love is important.
  • If you can’t find love in your relationship. then that alone!

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One Word Broken Heart Captions & Quotes

  • Broken.
  • Heart to fix.
  • Long-distance.
  • Loving
  • Self-love
  • Be yourself.
  • Do it now!
  • First Kiss.
  • Regret
  • Learning
  • Saving Energy
  • Motivation
  • Inspirational
  • Love @ first Sight
  • It’s hurt.
  • Loneliness.
  • Cheer to yourself
  • Heartbreaking
  • Painful
  • Awful

1150+ [BEST] One Word Caption Ideas for Instagram Pictures

Two Words Captions for Heartbreaking Feeling

  • Fixing Things.
  • Love Failure.
  • Saving me.
  • Alone is best.
  • Focusing on a career.
  • Broken.
  • Having me Now!
  • Self-love.
  • Self-Esteem.
  • Strong Enough.
[225+] Heartbreaking Captions & Broken Heart Quotes to Inspire (4)
  • Sometimes broken.
  • Nothing hurts.
  • Broken live.
  • The Emotions.
  • Knock your heart.
  • The worst kind.
  • Missing Myself.
  • Nothing helps.
  • Relationship sucks.
  • Feeling alone.

And Some More Two Words Captions for Heartbreaking Feeling…

  • Motivating & Inspiring.
  • Somedays.
  • Funny Things.
  • Hard to say.
  • Sun is gone.
  • Hate my haters.
  • Tongue with no bone.
  • Love begins.
  • Healing myself.
  • Being Wounded!

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Heartbreaking Feeling Alone Captions for Instagram

  • My heart will keep reminding me of you.
  • Staying out of your zone.
  • Your heart will be on your side.
  • Trying to be OKAY.
  • Staying alone is far better than being with fake people.
  • You broke my heart remember that.
[225+] Heartbreaking Captions & Broken Heart Quotes to Inspire (5)
  • Broken me is more dangerous to fun with.
  • Never play with anybody feeling when you have so many games to play.
  • Maybe we finish this for him.
  • She is now my girlfriend, her name is my feelings.
  • A broken heart has wide-opened eyes.
  • Me and my broken heart.
  • A heart is made to be broken.
  • If you love something, let it go.

And Some More Heartbreaking Feeling Alone Captions for Instagram…

  • Don’t me was too weak, that’s new me stronger.
  • Never love with all your heart.
  • It’s all getting back where we were.
  • Again! we are strangers to each other.
  • When your heart is broken, the world is.
  • Yes, I were in love…
  • Love is not forever, that’s the bitter fact about it.
  • The ultimate thing to make you cry.
  • Wanna clean your eyes? fall in love.
  • I hate you because you put away you from me.
  • A tongue with no bone still breaks my heart.

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Motivating and Inspiring Heart Broken Quotes

  • A broken heart gives you the power to do anything.
  • Motivate yourself, it’s a tough time.
  • Be a priority of your own.
  • Sorry, I am not perfect.
  • Game over.
  • Go your way, forget about girls.
  • Focus is all I want right now.
  • Broken carryon still colors.
  • It hurts but it’s okay.
  • I’m OKAY! just tell her.
  • Stop Expecting things from people.
  • Pain makes you stronger.
  • A broken heart opens your eyes.
  • Never cry for that person who never valued you.

And Some More Motivating and Inspiring Heart Broken Quotes…

  • Somethings important to do.
  • I love people more than they deserve, that’s my problem.
  • Better things are coming.
  • Trust the time that is about to come.
  • Rules are made to be broken.
  • Inspire yourself on your own. stop waiting for broken.
  • Be the brightness that the world wants.
  • Heal your broken heart.

We know the feeling you are experiencing cannot be replaced by anything. But it is only you who can make yourself feel good and happy. It is under your control only.

So, take some help from these latest 2023 heartbreaking breakup captions or broken heart quotes for your next Instagram post. Also, do let your ex-friend what they have lost! Let them know their biggest mistake too!

Now, let’s sign off and we hope you love these sad or motivating heartbreaking breakup Instagram captions and status for Facebook. If you loved. please share a token of love by mentioning us in your Instagram story!

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