30th Anniversary Gifts (2023)

30th Anniversary Gift:

The Complete Guide To Your 30th Anniversary!

Wow! Thirty years together is definitely a milestone — congrats!!! The past 30 years have been a cinch: you know your partner well and the two of you are quite bonded. You can’t imagine your life without them because, well, they just make your life easier. Of course, you’ve had your ups and downs — what couple hasn’t? But what matters most is that you and your partner love each other dearly and you’ve made a life together. This 30th anniversary, focus on all the wonderful things about your marriage and celebrate accordingly.

So, what is the 30th anniversary gift?

The 30th anniversary is the Pearl Anniversary. The traditional 30th anniversary gift is pearl while the modern 30th anniversary gift is diamond. No matter whether pearls, diamonds or something entirely different speaks to you and your spouse as an anniversary gift this year, it is important to remember that each unique gift item marks a significant milestone in your relationship. So, whether you’re looking for a 30th wedding anniversary gift for husband, a 30th wedding anniversary gift for wife, or perhaps 30th anniversary gifts for parents, keep in mind what matters most: the love and bond among partners. For more 30th wedding anniversary ideas for him and for her, as well as more 30th anniversary symbol gift ideas (e.g. flowers, colors & gemstones), keep reading!!

In this Complete Guide to your 30th Wedding Anniversary, you will discover:

  • Modern vs traditional anniversary symbols
  • 30th anniversary color
  • 30th wedding anniversary gemstone
  • 30th anniversary flower
  • 30th anniversary gift ideas
  • 30th anniversary celebration ideas

Modern vs Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift

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Modern: Diamond

The modern 30th anniversary gift is the diamond. Though the 30th anniversary is commonly understood as the “Pearl Anniversary,” that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box for this one! If pearls don’t suit you or your spouse, go for diamonds! If you’re looking for a 30th anniversary gift that is certain to dazzle and wow your partner, you can’t pass up the opportunity for diamond jewelry.

But, what’s the significance?

As the modern 30th anniversary gift, diamonds make for an excellent gift option. This is because diamonds represent the enduring flame that fuels a relationship. Diamonds represent passion and that unique spark that only you and your spouse will really understand. Thus, diamond jewelry makes for a wonderful 30th wedding anniversary gift idea this year!

Traditional: Pearl

The traditional 30th anniversary gift is the pearl. Pearls have long been valued and sought after due to their beauty and rarity. Just like your unique and rare bond with your spouse, pearls are rare, but absolutely gorgeous. The 30th wedding anniversary is typically called the “Pearl Anniversary” because pearls take many years to grow inside the mollusk. Pearls form by adding layer upon layer, growing stronger and more durable over time. Like a pearl’s development, your own relationship and marriage grows stronger over time with each new chapter of your lives overlaying the last. Additionally, pearls are representative of your relationship with your spouse because they are just simply beautiful.

30th Anniversary Color

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Green is the color of life, nature, renewal and energy. The 30th anniversary color, green, is associated with harmony, freshness and growth. The color green is believed to be the most restful and relaxing for the human eye to view. Since the 30th anniversary color is associated with growth and renewal, use this color to represent your relationship: from time to time, we could all work on something and need to grow as individuals and as a couple. Thus, this 30th anniversary, opt for a 30th anniversary gift that is green to serve as a humbling symbol. You’ve grown a lot as individuals and as a married couple, but remind yourself and your partner that you are never done growing.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone

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Pearls are incredibly meaningful gems for your 30th wedding anniversary for a number of reasons. For instance, pearls are the only gemstone created by a living organism. Though the vast majority of pearls are now cultured, their beauty and brilliance has not diminished. Pearls are enduring, long-lasting and survive despite any pressure, just like your marriage. If you’re not sure what to get for a 30th anniversary gift, the 30th wedding anniversary gemstone, pearl, makes for a great gift!

Check out pearl gift ideas below!!

Alternative: Diamond

As a gemstone, the diamond makes for a wonderful alternative to the pearl 30th wedding anniversary gemstone. A legend claims that the God of Mines combined and crushed together all the known gemstones in the world (e.g. Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, etc.) and, out of this combination, the Diamond was born. The diamond displays all the colors of the gemstones that were dissolved, has unconquerable hardness and has been known since antiquity as the Stone of Invincibility.

Thus, if you’re not sure what to get as a 30th anniversary gift this year, opt for an item with a diamond gemstone to represent your strong bond with your spouse! Additionally, the diamond represents your unique relationship: the two of you have formed into a beautiful new bond that displays the personalities of the individuals, but has also taken on a new shape and form as its own.

30th Anniversary Flower

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The first known images of lilies date to 1580 B.C. These majestic flowers have held an important role in Greek mythology: lilies were so revered by the Greeks that it was believed that they came from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. White lilies symbolize chastity and virtue, Peruvian lilies symbolize friendship and devotion, white stargazer lilies express sympathy and pink stargazer lilies represent wealth and prosperity. No matter which color lily you decide to get for your spouse, what matters most is how your spouse feels about them. Get 30th anniversary flower bouquets of lilies in the color that your spouse dearly loves.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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So, it’s your 30th wedding anniversary and you want to get your spouse something extra special this year. Maybe you’re the kind of couple that doesn’t often get gifts for every year anniversary because you’d rather just spend some time together.

This year, it’s okay to splurge a little bit.

It has been 30 years together, after all! Whether the traditional 30th anniversary gift of pearls or the modern 30th anniversary gift of diamonds speaks to you and your spouse, what matters most is you get the gift that really celebrates the other person and your bond as a married couple. If neither 30th wedding anniversary gift idea makes sense for you and your spouse, then go for something different! Feel free to think outside the box. Regardless, what matters most when it comes to 30th anniversary gift ideas is that you make your partner feel special.

Check out these traditional 30th anniversary gift ideas, as well as modern!

Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Pearl)

Modern 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Diamond)

Pearl Ring

Diamond Watch

Pearl Necklace

Diamond Ring

Pearl Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Pearl Cufflinks

Diamond Necklace

Mother of Pearl Box

Diamond Cufflinks

Wine Pearls

Diamond-Quilted Jacket

Pearl Vodka

Diamond Chandelier

Pearl Wedding Porcelain Bowls

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Personalized Pearl Anniversary Plate

Faux Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia)

Pearl Wreath

Diamond Picture Frame

Pearl Sailboat Keepsake

Diamond-Studded Belt

Pearl Art

Diamond Jewelry Box

30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

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It’s your 30th wedding anniversary — time to celebrate!!!

If getting a 30th anniversary gift doesn’t really appeal to you and your spouse, a great way to commemorate this milestone is with a 30th wedding anniversary celebration! If a traditional 30th anniversary gift just doesn’t make sense for you and your spouse, then consider a 30th wedding anniversary celebration that will celebrate your love and bond. Thankfully, there’s a lot of great 30th wedding anniversary celebration ideas to help you and your partner reflect on this monumental moment. Thirty years is definitely a long time, and you’ve undoubtedly had many adventures with your partner — don’t stop now!! Have another adventure with your lifelong partner: it’s about time you and your spouse went on a 2nd honeymoon or, at the very least, just on a vacation somewhere! This year, give the 30th wedding anniversary gift for husband of travel and just time spent together.

For more 30th wedding anniversary celebration ideas, keep reading!!

  • Go on a 2nd honeymoon!
  • Renew your vows!
  • Throw a 30th anniversary party with all your friends and family!
  • Devote some time to a trip down memory lane. Look at your wedding video or pictures together and reminisce and all the lovely adventures you’ve had together.
  • Relive your first date.
  • Recreate your wedding night.
  • Have a photo shoot with you and your spouse.
  • Do something new together, like skydiving or a hot air balloon.
  • Go out to a fancy dinner and enjoy some seafood and pearls.
  • Throw a “30” themed party. Decorate the room and dress in the style of 30 years ago. Invite exactly 30 guests and play games like “30 Questions.”
  • Watch a movie with “30” in the title.
  • Go on a mini weekend getaway only 30 minutes away and reserve room 30 at the local hotel.
  • Plan out 1 fun thing to do together for the next 30 days.
  • Write your spouse a love note with 30 wonderful things about your relationship.

Happy 30th Anniversary!

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